1080 P Full HD H.264 mini DV 16GB
  • 1080 P Full HD H.264 mini DV 16GB

1080 P Full HD H.264 mini DV 16GB

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1080 P Full HD H.264 mini DV 


Product Features

-H.264 compressed format and the FULL HD1080P DV DC with high

-quality images and high

-fidelity audio

-Imported high-definition glass lens of six layers+import SENSOR

-Small shape design and portable hand-held DV DC

-Video format:1920X1080P-Photo mode:12M(4032X3024)

-Video can be recorded when it is charged

-USB 2.0 port of high-speed transmission

-T-flash card which can support 128G to the most

-Support TV OUT connection with TV surveillance video

-Built-in lithium battery can be used to record for 100 minutes continuously 

Operation Instruction

Battery charging:Rechargeable lithium battery is built in the machine. It can be c

harged in the following ways when this machine is used for the first time:

1) Connect the battery to a computer by the USB to charge it.

2) The blue light will be on for a long time when the battery is charged. Then,

the yellow-blue light will be on to show that it is fully charged. (it will be fully

charged within about three hours)


1: If the battery power is low, the yellow blue light will double flash for 5 seconds.

The machine will be off automatically when video-recording is stopped (Video

files have been saved). Please charge the battery of this machine in time.

2: If the T card is fully recorded, the yellow blue light of the DV will flash for 8 seconds.

Then, the machine will be stun down and enter the protection state directly

(Save the file and automatically shut down). The recorded video file has been saved.

3: If there is no card when the machine is started, the yellow blue light will flash for

five seconds before it is shut down.

4: If there is working mode after the machine is on, the machine will be off automatically

within one minute.

One cable with three functions:USB has a TV line.

1: The line can be connected to the computer to charge the battery or to transmit the data.

2: It can be connected with the TV OUT screen for display.

3: USB can be inserted outward so that the DV 5V can be both charged and recorded.

1080P video-recording flashing light:When the machine is on, if the blue light is on for a long

time, the standby mode will be triggered. Press the start-up button one time, if the blue light

flashes for three times before it is off, the 1080P video-recording mode will be started. It will

automatically pack and save the video

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