Waterproof  2.4 inches screen
  • Waterproof  2.4 inches screen

Waterproof 2.4 inches screen

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Waterproof  2.4 inches screen

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Waterproof  2.4 inches screen

5.5mm Lens Endoscope Camera

Waterproof 2.4 inches Self contained screen  5.5mm Lens Endoscope Camera

Main Features:

*  Self contained screen Function: Yes, 2.4 inches high definition screen, Watch the display without any auxiliary equipment.

* 5.5 mm Waterproof Lens.

* 512MB Built-in memory, ca recorder in memory, Can be played back at any time.


Item:                   Waterproof 2.4 inches Self contained screen  5.5mm Lens Endoscope Camera

Screen:                    2.4 inches LCD Screen

Memory:                  512M

Cable Length:           1.5M/3.1M

Cable Diameter:         5.5mm

Camera Outer Diameter:  6mm

Light Source:           6pcs white bright LEDs

Visual Angle:           45 degree

Minimum Illuminance:    0Lux

Sensor:                 1/12 CMOS image sensor

Power Supply:           Connecting to computer through USB plug

Waterproof Level:       IP67

Protection Level:       IP23

Working Temperature:    -10 ~ +120 degree celsius

Working Humidity:       15 ~ 85%RH

Resolution:               1920 * 1280 pixels

Pixel:                       2.0M pixels

Video Format:           AVI

Focal Distance:         3cm ~ 8cm

Frame Rate:             30 fps

Color:                       24 bits color

Battery:                    1200mAH Li-ion battery

Worktime:                About 4 hours

Power recharging:       DC 5V

Item Weight:            

Package Content:

1 * USB Endoscope

1 * Mirror.

1 * Hook.

1 * Magnet.

1 * User Manual

1 * USB Cable

English manual


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