Power Bank GSM Bug, 2G/GSM

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Power Bank GSM Bug, 2G/GSM

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Power Bank GSM Bug, 2G/GSM

Power Bank GSM Bug, 2G/GSM

Power Bank GSM Bug, 2G/GSM

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Power Bank GSM Bug, 2G/GSM,

5000mAh Battery Capacity,

Voice Trigger/Vibrate Alarm,SMS Control


Power Bank GSM Listening Devices

1, 5000mAh battery Capacity, Working about 20-25days

2, GSM 2G, Quadband

3, Plastic Case


SMS Commands:

000 # number # number # number # (binding three phone )

333 (voice-activated dial-back call to binding numbers )

444 (delete all contents of memory)

555 (turn off all features)

666 (vibration alarm SMS to binding number)

777 (vibration alarm call to binding numbers)

999 ( SMS Coordinate Positioning )

123#1/0 (open / close automatic upload location

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