Long Standby GPS Tracker

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Long Standby GPS Tracker

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Long Standby GPS Tracker

Long Standby GPS Tracker

Long Standby GPS Tracker

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Long Standby GPS Tracker,

Super Magnet, 2G/GSM Quadband,

10000MA Battery,Waterproof Free IE/App


1.        This tracker is based on the 2G GSM / GPRS network and GPS

satellite positioning system to track and monitor remote target by SMS or internet.

2.        Waterproof Grade IP66.

3.        Strong magnet to absorb to vehicle firmly.

4.        Built-in large capacity 10000MA battery.

5.        Super long time standby, 6 months if it works under “sleep by time”

mode and 6.9 years if it works under “schedule” mode.

6.        Real-time tracking, movement alarm, Geo-fence alarm, shock alarm,

anti-tamper alarm.

7.        Support real-time tracking by mobile applications and web platform,

and you can check the exact street address by cell phone as well.

8.        Built-in high sensitivity GSM and GPS antenna which can be used alone,

without installation, convenient and quick to use.

9.        Size: 106mm x 63mm x 37.5mm  Weight: 343g

10.    Free IE Server: www.gpstrackerxy.com  

11.    Free APP

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