Waterproof Magnetic GPS Tracker

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Waterproof Magnetic GPS Tracker

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Waterproof Magnetic GPS Tracker

Waterproof Magnetic GPS Tracker

Waterproof Magnetic GPS Tracker

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Waterproof Magnetic GPS Tracker, 2G/GSM,

GPS+LBS, Working 20days,

Free IE Server & App Control


AL01 Waterproof Vehicle GPS Tracker Strong Magnetic GPS Car

Tracking Locator Anti-loss System For Car Burglar Alarm Devices


Magnetic GPS Car Tracking Locator Features:

1.Real-time tracking

2.Historical Track

3.Electronic fence

4.Set (multiple operating modes: safe mode, power saving mode,

Super long standby)

5.Device message

6.Multi platform monitoring: support for Android, for Apple’s mobile

phone system, and network client computers

7.Built-in magnetic, free installation and easy to use

8.Alarm to remind


Lamp effect description:

Power: Card blue light indicates power on, GPS signals after lights out

Charge: charging indicator light flashing red light goes out after full

Positioning mode: GPS satellite positioning + LBS + AGPS assisted

positioning base station location

Positioning accuracy: GPS positioning 5-15 m

Base station location: 100-1000 m

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