Multifunctional Portable Detector

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Multifunctional Portable Detector

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Multifunctional Portable Detector

Multifunctional Portable Detector

Multifunctional Portable Detector

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Multifunctional Portable Detector,

Camera Lens/ Wireless Signal/Magnet

GPS/Mobile Phone Detector


Main feature

1.       Set of professional radio wave detection, magnetic field detection,

hidden wired or wireless camera equipment detection, mulfi-function detection

as one of professional senior detector

2.       With high sensitivity, wide adjustable range, wide detection frequency

3.       Simple operation, easy to carry, sound and light vibration alarm function

4.       Can detect mobile, Unicom, telecom 2G,3G,4G band mobile phone sim

card**, gps locator

5.       Can detect 1.2G to 5.8G wireless camera equipment

6.       Can detect the standby state magnetic locator

7.       LED Laser technology can detect t he standby state of the wireless or

wired camera equipment


Technique data

Frequency range: 1-8000MHz

Detection dynamic range:>73db

Detection sensitivity:<0.03mv

Detection Range

2.4G:10 square meters

1.5G: 15 square meters

Mobile band 2.4G.3G.4G Signal: 15 square meters

Build in 3.7V 1000mAh battery work time 4-5hours

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Multifunctional Portable Detector

Multifunctional Portable Detector

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