copy of Orbitor Listing Device, 8X Zoom

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Orbitor Listing Device, 8X Zoom

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copy of Orbitor Listing Device, 8X Zoom

copy of Orbitor Listing Device, 8X Zoom

Orbitor Listing Device, 8X Zoom

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Orbitor Listing Device, 8X Zoom,

100Meters Voice, See /Hear / Recorder,

9V Battery, Hot Sell


?  Introduction

The product is a versatile device for which you will soon find a variety ofuses.

It is ideal for studying birds and wildlife. The powerful viewing optics make

subjects apper 8 times closer.

The sound detecting system is powerful enough to pick up a human conversation

at a distance of 100 meters or more.

Faint dird songs are readily detected.

Recordings can be made on the digital recording chip for playback or for transfer

to a standard tape recorder.

Each record time is 30 seconds!

?  Batteryinformation:

This unit uses one 9 volt battery. Always use a fresh battery. If the unit will not

be used for an extended term remove the battery.

Do not try and recharge a nonrechargeable battery. Do not take a battery apart.

Do not short circuit the terminals. Do not dispose

of battery in fire, It may explode.

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