Bluetooth Voice Recorder

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Bluetooth Voice Recorder

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Bluetooth Voice Recorder

Bluetooth Voice Recorder

Bluetooth Voice Recorder

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Bluetooth Voice Recorder,

Mobile Bluetooth recording,

VOR,High quality, 8GB


· Mobile Bluetooth recording

    The firs one introduce wireless mobile phone recording, open

the door of new field

· Mobile phone answering and redialing

    Support Bluetooth handsfree speakerphone

· One button recording & playing

· TF card extension

· OLED colorful display screen

· IML panel combine with die-casting

    Look elegant and magnificent with high-grade metal materials

combine and IML panel

· Four Recording modes:

    LP: Long time recording

    SP: High quality recording

    HP: Ultra-high quality recording

    SHQ: Super high quality

· Timer recording

    Auto recording according to preinstall time.

· Voice Activated Recording (VOR/VAR)

    Save memory space and electric quantity to make longer time recording.

· External microphone recording

· Telephone conversation recording

· Supporting 24 languages operation

  Simple Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Japanese,



· The password protecting

  Prevent important information leakage. Uses as a USB flash drive

attached with password function.

· Recording files folder setting

 A?B?C files folder management make it more convenient to find files.

· Time setting

· Recording monitor

· Automatic section-break

· Music appreciation

· Built-in high power loudspeaker

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