2.4G Video Baby Monitor, 2.4inch LCD

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2.4G Video Baby Monitor, 2.4inch LCD

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2.4G Video Baby Monitor, 2.4inch LCD

2.4G Video Baby Monitor, 2.4inch LCD

2.4G Video Baby Monitor, 2.4inch LCD

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2.4G Video Baby Monitor, 2.4inch LCD/

Two Way Talk/Temperature/ Nightvision/

Big Battery



?  Using 2.4GHz as transmission frequency, comply with the standards

pursuant to FCC, CE.

?  Using high resolution 2.4-inch displayer.

?  Supports one main device operate with multi sub-devices, one receiver

can be connected to 4 transmitters.

?  Supports long distance transmission: Max to 200m-300m in empty area.

?  High resolution night vision function: Can achieving 24 hours’ monitor.

?  Using half-duplex communication:Ensue clear sound quality.

?  Including VOX(voice control)auto wake-up function, if the volume from baby’s

end reach to a certain level will trigger the LCD receiver( After the displayer goes

black, it will automatically lights up when receiving sounds) to inform parents to

check on the baby.

?  The receiver operates with lithium battery which provide convenience for mobile


?  Includes “Pairing” function, can pairing devices by pressing the “pairing” button

on the LCD receiver end and the camera end.

?  Supports playing music for baby.

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