WIFI Security Camera, 360°fisheye

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WIFI Security Camera, 360°fisheye

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WIFI Security Camera, 360°fisheye

WIFI Security Camera, 360°fisheye

WIFI Security Camera, 360°fisheye

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WIFI Security Camera, 360°fisheye, HD 1080P,

Two-Way Talk, Motion Detection, Nightvision


·         360°Panoramic View: 360°fisheye WiFi IP camera without blind spots

keeps an eye on every corner in your home/store/office, never miss anything

happened in the monitoring area.

·         Intelligent Motion Detection: Surveillance Camera records the motion

when it is triggered and alarm notifications will be pushed to your mobile phone.

You can customize the alarm time and alarm area to add an extra layer of

security to your work or home.

·         HD 1080P Real-time Remote View: wireless cam can be connected to

your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router, so you can live view 1080P high-resolution video on

your phone anytime and anywhere, feel rest assured that you won't miss a thing,

give you peace of mind.

·         Excellent Night Vision: IP cam supports record a clear black-and-white video

in low illumination, the viewing distance up to 32 feet. So you can monitor your home,

office clearly and easily day and night,never miss out on any moment even at night.

·         Two-way Voice Intercom: security camera built-in microphone and speaker,supports

two way-Interact,you can communicate with your families,friends,and pets on mobile

devices without having to be there. Keep everything and everyone you love safe.