HD 1080P Mini IP Camera WiFi Mini Camcorders

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HD 1080P Mini IP Camera WiFi Mini Camcorders

TF Card
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HD 1080P Mini IP Camera WiFi Mini Camcorders

HD 1080P Mini IP Camera WiFi Mini Camcorders

HD 1080P Mini IP Camera WiFi Mini Camcorders

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HD 1080P Mini IP Camera WiFi Mini Camcorders

Kits For Home Security CCTV Camera Night Vision

Motion Detection DV Cam


1. Remote WIFI with cellphone monitor 

2. HD night vision, 1080P, network camera 

3. 5-7m distance of infrared night vision, remote recording 

4. 1-5 hours long battery life, up to 128G memory expansion with TF card 

5. password protection 

6. Comes with WIFI hotspot, connect cellphone directly 

7. 10pcs high-power infrared night vision lights 

8. Smart mobile phone alarm 

9. SMS alarm, Automatic recording 

10. Invisible recording and silent recording 

11. Car driving recorder, Sports DV, Law enforcement instrument 

12. Built-in 700 mAh lithium battery to enhance outdoor life 

13. Web Browser: IE7&above,chrome,firefox safari.etc. 

14. Function: Support mobile phone/computer/tablet/remote 

15. monitor/record/filming/screenshot 

16. Other auxiliary functions: Infrared light/LED indicator/Back clip 

17. Sensitive motion detection


1. Camera Lens: About 150-degree wide-angle lens 

2. Video Format: ASF,AVI (Double video: Plug a card or open apps to record) 

3. Size(MM): 65*28*16mm 

4. USB Connector: Micro USB,Mini USB 

5. Support TF Card: 8-128G (File System FAT32) 

6. Battery Capacity: Built-in 3.7V/700mA 

7. Frame Number: 25 frames 

8. Video Code: H.264 

9. Motion Dection Filming: 6m straight line 

10. Weight: 36g 

11. Filming Resolution: 1080P/720P/640P/480P 

12. Working Temperature: About -5 to 40 Celsius 

13. Play Software: QQ video, storm video, VLC player, SMP player 

14. Computer Operating System: Windows/Mac OSX 

15. Cellphone Operating System: Android/IOS

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