Smallest WIFI Camera DVR

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Smallest WIFI Camera DVR

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Smallest WIFI Camera DVR

Smallest WIFI Camera DVR

Smallest WIFI Camera DVR

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Smallest WIFI Camera DVR, HD1080P/720P,

Super Nightvision, WIFI/P2P/IP,TF Max 128GB,



SmallestWIFI Camera DVR

HD 1080P, Nightvision,APP BVCAM


Camera lens 120degree

Pixel:5.0 Mega CMOS 

Device Connection Range: 5m 

Wifi Receiving Range: 15-30m 

Store for 1080P: 5MB/min 

Available Capacity: 128GB(Micro SD Card NOT included) 

Support Wifi Mode: 802.11b/g/n/ 2.4GHz 

Computer Operating System:Windows/Mac OS X 

Mobile Phone Operating System:Android/iOS 

Phone can connect max 4pcs cameras at the same time 

Max viewers:8 

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