Smart Fingerprint Padlock

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Smart Fingerprint Padlock

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Smart Fingerprint Padlock

Smart Fingerprint Padlock

Smart Fingerprint Padlock

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Smart Fingerprint Padlock,

Mini Size,Waterproof,

Battery 2year,

Touch Once And Open, Hot And New


Fingerprint Recognizer: Collect fingerprint, press be recognized to unlock.

USB Interface: The product is charged by USB. Please fullycharge the

product for the first time.

The product support two administrators.

Unlock: When the product is locked, enterfingerprint. unlock.

If use the wrong fingerprint, the redindicator short flash.

Support 360 degree angel fingerprint recognize72*64 Sensor

Resolution: 508DPI

ESD: +/-12kV air, +/-8kV contact

FRR: <1%

FAR: <0.002%

Recognize time: <300mS

Product Power Consumption:

Working current: 180MA

Motorless operating current: 3MA

Standby current: 16uA

The product has the features of low powerconsumption and long standby time.

With 1 piece300MAH lithium polymer battery,

the longeststandby time can last for 2 years. Maximumnumber of unlocks

up to 2,500 times

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