Smart detector radio detection camera scan

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Smart detector radio detection camera scan

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Smart detector radio detection camera scan

Smart detector radio detection camera scan

Smart detector radio detection camera scan

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Smart detector radio detection camera scan

night-vision infrared detection GPS strong

magnetic search anti-theft alarm anti-monitoring

anti-sneak shooting 

As electronic  products  become  more  and  more  miniaturized and  intelligent,  

Electronic  products  such  as pinhole  cameras, bugs, and locators become  smaller

and smaller,and camouflage  becomes  more  and  more  concealed.At the same

time as this type of product is used legally, criminals have also used pinhole cameras,

eavesdroppers, and  locators  to  illegally spy  on  the  privacy  of  others,  bringing  

such  information leaks, theft  of  business  secrets,  and  personal  privacy  to  

society  and individuals.  

Many   unsafe   factors such   as   being   secretly photographed,  how  to  effectively  

find  out  illegally  installed stealing  equipment  has  become  a  problem.  

In  view  of  the single  function  of  such  detection  products  on  the  market,  this type

of multi-function detector is specially developed.


Detect whether your car or office is installed with wireless eavesdropping device or

wireless eaves dropping device.

Detect  whether  the  phone  is eavesdropped  or  abnormal (transmits signals for

no reason when in standby).

Detect whether  your  car  is  installed  with  GPS  positioning tracker.

Detect  whether your  work  environment  and  residential buildings have rooftop base

station radiation.

Detect   mobile   phone   message   sending   and   receiving signals,  mobile  phone  

Internet  access  signal, mobile  phone switch and call signal.

Detect the field strength of wireless network signals, mobile phone base station

signals, and wireless monitoring systems.

Detect  whether  household  appliances  such  as  microwave ovens leak electromagnetic

radiation that is harmful to human body.

Detect  whether  there is  strong  radiation  called  "mobile phone killer" in the environment.

Detect whether  there  are  suspicious  radio  signals  in  the environment.

Detect  more subtle  signals  of  5.8GHz  wireless  camera  and wireless monitor.

Check   anti-wireless   cameras   in   hotels,   toilets,   hotels, entertainment venues,

dressing rooms.

Business   negotiation,   school   supervision   site,   factory, military facility or

government agency.

Anti-shooting   at   ATMs,   movie   theaters,concerts,   art galleries or museums.

When   buying   a   building,   first  detect whether   there  is electromagnetic radiation

that is harmful to human health.

Charging interface: Type-C

Operating hours: 33 consecutive hours (differentiated by function)

Antenna gain: -56db

Charger: DC5V/1A

Battery: 3.7V/500mALithium polymer battery

Sensitivity: 3 levels adjustable

Signal detection range: 1MHz-6.5GHz


GSM:50-300CM           3G&4G:20-100CM           WIFI:10-100CM

Optical lens: Special optical glass

Laser detection distance: 1-10M

Infrared frequency range:750-1100nm

Infrared detection distance: 1-10 meters (depending on the signal intensity of

the light source, visible light and strong lights interfere during the day)MaterialPC

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