High Sensitive Wall Contact Microphone

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High Sensitive Wall Contact Microphone

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High Sensitive Wall Contact Microphone

High Sensitive Wall Contact Microphone

High Sensitive Wall Contact Microphone

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High Sensitive Wall Contact Microphone,

Cement wall, Steel wall, wooden wall,

iron wall, glass


F-999B is a high sensitive partition monitor, which is perfectly constituted by

metal receiver, metal handset with superior detecting ability and high-quality

headphones, making it more sensitive and sound-qualified. It owns built-in

Lithium battery and unique FM transmitter function, easy to be manipulated and carried


 Put the earplug into headphone hole, the sonde into the MIC hole, and

clockwise rotate the “switch on/off” button of the volume. When the indicator

light of the power works, booth the machine and adjust the volume, smoothly

stick the sonde to wall the need to be monitored, adjust the gear-choice buttons

A B C until you can clearly hear the sound from the room.

If you need to do the sound recording, you can use recording equipments to

go through the mouth of the recoding to connect the audio cable for recording.

Also, it has another special FM wireless emission function, with specialized

FM receiver which can receive the information afar and monitor that.


The indicator light works when it is charging please shutdown in case of

damaging the machine. It needs to charge for about five hours. The sonde

must smoothly stick to the wall’s surface; never move the sonde when you

are sticking it to the wall in case of damaging the sonde. The effect of the

monitoring depends on the thickness, materials and other features of the

wall. Appropriately adjust the gear-choice button until you can get the best

effect of monitoring. D is the partition monitoring bougie of the sonde is

the refined part which should not be dismantled or touched discretionarily.



     Electric Current Exhaust: 10mA

     Battery type: 3.7V lithium-battery

     Continuous monitoring for 100hours

     Four Audio Choices: A (200MHz) B (800MHz) C (1200MHz)

     D (partition bougie monitoring)

     Sonde’s sensitivity: -70db, the maximum times of amplifying the

     audio: 2000 times

     Penetrability: Cement wall, Steel wall, wooden wall, iron wall, glass

    and air brick

     Answering patterns: Headphones, recoding, wireless FM emission

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