Magnetic Adsorption Professional Recording

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Magnetic Adsorption Professional Recording

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Magnetic Adsorption Professional Recording

Magnetic Adsorption Professional Recording

Magnetic Adsorption Professional Recording

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Magnetic Adsorption Professional Recording

Pen High Definition Long Range Noise Reduction

MP3 Player Voice Recorder 


1. Strong magnetic adsorption is easy to obtain evidence.

2. Professional recorders obtain evidence.

3. The appearance is the same as mobile power, and can't be found when

measuring marriage, love, evidence, etc.

4. Small and easy to hide long recording time.

5. Automatic encryption to protect privacy.


Model: Q52

Colour: Black

Product Name: Strong magnetic recording pen

Battery: environmentally friendly polymer lithium battery

Charging time: about 5 hours

Recording time: about 500 hours

Recording mode: start recording, save off

Recording format: WAV

Play format: WAV/WMA/MP3

Sampling rate: 48KHZ

Signal to noise ratio: 90dB

Frequency response: 20~20000Hz

Memory: 8/16/32GB

Recording time: 15 days

Audio format: MP3, WAV

Compatible systems: Windows, MAC, Linu

Additional features: clock, recording, telephone recording

Power battery: built-in high quality lithium battery

8GB recording file storage 96 hours

Sampling rate: 48KHZ speed: 192Kbps

Recording bit rate: 192KBPS

Product size: about 25*77*22mm/0.98*3.03*0.87in

Product weight: about 99 grams


1.MP3 playback: Insert the headset, turn the button to the ON position, and

enter the MP3 player.

2. Voice Recording: Do not insert the headphones, press the on/off key, then

start recording, press the on/off key to close, then

save the recording file and shut down.

Note: Do not connect the recorder to your computer during recording, or the

recorded file will be lost.

3. “-” button function: insert the earphone, in the play mode, press “-” to switch

MP3 playback and recording playback;

Press and hold the " - " button to decrease the volume.

4. "+" button function: Insert the headset, in the playback mode, press the "+"

button to play the next song; long press the "+"

button to increase the volume.

5. Voice activation setting: Do not plug in the headset, press the on/off key.

When the indicator light is on, press the “-”

button to release it, then start recording, release the “-” button, and the voice

activation function will be turned on.

6. Recording for a long time: Do not plug in the headphones, press the on/off key.

When the indicator light is on, press the “+”

button to release it, then start recording, release the “+” button to turn on the

long-time recording function.

7. Fast forward and rewind: Insert the headset, press the on/off key, press the “-”

button, then release the “-” button after

hearing the sound, then press the “+” button to fast forward. Press "-" to rewind.

Note: The above functions require manual startup each time you start.

8. Delete file: Press “+” “- ” button to delete the file at the same time. If it is in

the pause state, press and hold “+” button

or long press “-” button to delete the current play file; “+” - “button at the same

time Delete all files.

Note: To delete a recording file while recording, music is to delete the music file.

9. Recording during charging: first connect the recorder to the computer, turn on/off

the button, then press and hold the “+” or

“-” button to start the recording and release the button, then the recorder starts recording.

10. Hearing function: Insert the earphone, press the on/off key, then press the “+”

and “-” keys to start recording and release.

When the hearing function is turned on, it can be heard while recording.

11.Shutdown: Power on, dialing OFF will turn off, if it is done during recording, it will

be saved automatically before shutdown.

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