Portable telephone voice recorder

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Portable telephone voice recorder

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Portable telephone voice recorder

Portable telephone voice recorder

Portable telephone voice recorder

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Portable telephone voice recorder

2. Lightweight and compact

3. Zippered black case

4. Powered by a 9V battery, not included

5. Easy To Use!

6. Fits On Almost All Telephones Even Cell Phones.

Our Professional Voice Changer is compatible on all telephones and can

be used on cell phones.

Simply attach the acoustic coupler to your telephones handset, adjust the

16 settings by turning the selector clockwise.

It has 0 being your normal voice, the high settings will increase the pitch and

low settings will decrease the pitch.

User manual

Please read these instructions carefully before attempting to operate the

voice changer

Before you attempt to use the voice changer. We suggest you test its

operation as follows:

. Hold the acoustic coupler againse your ear.Turn the unit on by placing the slide

switch to the"NO" position.

. Place the selector switch to the center (0) position.

. Speak ACROSS(not straight into) the microphone which is locate on the front panel

of the unit. You will hear your na tural voice

through the acoustic coupler.

.Now experiment with different settings of the selector switch:it has sixteen settings ,

turing clockwise from 0-*-0, in turn

has seven female voices and eight male voices,"0" is the natural voice,"*"is the

man voice,the"high"se-ttings will increase the

pitch of your voice and the "low"settings will decrease the pitch.

.You will notice that you only need to go one or two "steps" up or down in order to get a

good "voice disquise" while preserving

a natural quality to you voice.At mo-re extreme settings your voice will not sound natural.

Connection the Voice Changer to a Telephone

1.Place the acoustic coupler against the microphone portion of the handset. Make suer the

holes in the microp hone portion of the hand set are fully covered by the a coustic coupler.

Then wrap the coupler’s strap around the handset and fasten (see figure 1 below)


1.Attaching the Coupler to the Handest

2.While holding the receiver to your ear. position the handest in such a manner that the

microphone section with attached

coupler is angled upward away from you mouth

3.Turn the voice changer on by placing the slide switch to the "NO" position . Set the selector

switch to the desired position

4.Speak in a normal tone of voice ACROSS the microphone of the voice changer(do not speak

directly INTO it)

5.At the end of your call,turn the voice changer off.

Replacing the Battery.

.Slide the bottom cover off.(see figure 2 below).Replace the battery with a Mallory 9V Duracell

or Eveready 9V Energizer

.Use good quality alkaline batteries only.

Engelsk manual