USB Digital Voice Recorder

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USB Digital Voice Recorder

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USB Digital Voice Recorder

USB Digital Voice Recorder

USB Digital Voice Recorder

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USB Digital Voice Recorder, WAV 192kbps,

Battery Time 25 hours, 8GB,

Recording While Charging.


USB Digital Voice Recorder

1, Voice format: WAV 192kbps

2, Built 8G Memory, Can Storage 90hours

3, Battery Recording time 25hours

4, Support Charging while recording


Usage method:

1, Regular recording: Switch to the ON Position and star recording after

the light is off, Switch to the Off position, Recording end, the machine

automatically save the recording and shut down.


2,Charging while recording: Shutdown stage, connected to a computer or

charger, flashing red or blue light long after the switch to ON position.

The red light flash , begin recording.

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