Mini voice recorder for video Camera 8GB
  • Mini voice recorder for video Camera 8GB
  • Mini voice recorder for video Camera 8GB

Mini voice recorder for video Camera 8GB

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Mini digital spy Camera 8GB

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Mini voice recorder for video Camera 8GB

Video Shooting Audio Recording

The recorder enters into standby state after boot on , the red indicator light always bright.

Video Shooting

In standby state,short press power button to start shooting the video after a vibration ,the indicator light becomes blue

and goes out after three seconds; Again, short press power button to stop shooting and save video after a vibration.

Then the indicator light turns red and will be always bright again while the recorder returns to standby state.If press the

night-vision light about 2seconds while shooting video, the light will turn on,and vice versa.

Recording Voice

In standby state,double-press power button fast to start recording voice after a vibration,the blue indicator light will flash three times

and go out; Again,double-press power button fast to stop recording and save the file after a vibration ,then the red light will be always

bright and boot into standby state.

Motion Detection Video

If there is no moving object detected during shooting the video, the recorder will stop shooting after one minute to save the storage space .

The recorder will start shooting video automatically when moving object detected.

Loop Recording Video

If the flash memory is full during recording video,it will delete part of the existing video files automatically, and continue to recording.

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