Car Key Voice Recorder
  • Car Key Voice Recorder

Car Key Voice Recorder

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Car Key Voice Recorder

TF Card: 8 GB
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Car Key Voice Recorder,Car Remote

Control Audio Recorder Device


1, Recording quality excellent, up to 192 KBPS / 48 KHZ (8G capacity to

support 90 hours of working time);

2, Time change function,With time as the file name, convenient recording

data compilation;

3, The default normal recording, can adjust to the Voice Activated mode;

4, Car key shape, good hiding

5, No sound and no light when recording;

6, Long time recording funtion,low sensitivity recording, ultra-long

recording function;

7, can play the recording files and music;play the recording files and

play MP3 files is different operation,

8, support volume high and low;

9, Delete a file or delete all files recording function;

10, Fast forward and fast backward function;

11, capacity is full ,automatic save the recording file;

12, when low power ,automatically save the recording file;

13, Power can support more than 15 hours recording work time;

14, support 8G/16G/32G.It is 8G memory.



Recording format: WAV

Speed: 192 KBPS

Battery capacity: 120MAH

Recording time: 20 hours

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